Multi-channel sales and acquisition

Engage with more customers and sell your offers simultaneously on all the distribution platforms of your industry - and do it from a single platform.

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Target the right people

Targeting will increase your conversion rates by helping you engage with the right people at the right time.


Sell from multiple channels

It will enable you to quickly grow your online reach and attract new customers to your business.


Do it all from one place

Our centralised system enables you to monitor and optimise your ticket sales across all distribution channels.

Reach your customers, wherever they are

We can help you reach new customers and convert existing ones with targeted ads, sell tickets from your website and distribute your offers in just a few clicks on the most popular marketplaces of your industry.

Reach out and attract with targeted ads

Run targeted ads thanks to our tracking integrations and ads studio connected to your social accounts. You will be able to connect with new customers, engage your contacts and bring back website visitors in just a few clicks.

The data you collect will help you quickly launch effective acquisition and retargeting advertising campaigns.

Sell tickets on your website

Boost your conversion rates by allowing your visitors to purchase tickets directly on your website. You will never loose customers to third party websites again.

Simply install our booking widget on your website and receive online bookings anywhere, anytime. The widget is optimised for all devices and websites, including Wix and WordPress.

Personalise your widget and booking flow to reflect your brand identity and offer a custom booking experience to your customers.

"Selling your tickets online and automatising processes will not only increase your revenue, but also significantly reduce your workload"

Liza Tripet, Chief Revenue Officer of Smeetz

Distribute your offers on major OTAs

Create your products on Smeetz and distribute them in a few clicks on popular distribution channels like GetYourGuide, Musement and Expedia.

The channel manager makes it easy to monitor and make changes to your offers simultaneously on all channels. All bookings and availabilities are automatically synchronised in real time.

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Further diversify your distribution channels

Collaborate with as many resellers as you like. Install your booking widget on your partnering websites and even offer your products on-site from multiple locations with our integrated point-of-sales app.


Promote and sell your tickets directly on your Facebook page to capitalise on Facebook's wide audience.

Reach a worldwide community of culture and leisure enthusiasts by promoting bestsellers, special offers and upcoming events.


Provide custom sales access rights to external partners such as tourist offices, hotel concierge desks and promoters.

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