About us

We're a team of thinkers, explorers and adventure enthusiasts. We're passionate and we focus on experiences, not only pure technical products. We love what we do.

CEO & Co-Founder
Alexandre Martin
CTO & Co-Founder
Morgan Siffert
Chief Revenue Officer
Liza Tripet
COO & PR Officer
Loris Savary
Junior Sales Manager
Sébastien Soler
Business Development & Marketing
Léa Jouffrey
Business Developer
Sarina Erni
Business Developer
Logan Suter
Customer Success Manager
Carolane Borgeaud
Customer Success
Barbara Da Silva
Data Scientist
Matthias Leroy
Financial Analyst
Laszlo Pieyre

We've got the best developers

Frontend Engineer
Igor Danylov
Frontend Engineer
Riyadh Zenasni
Frontend Engineer
Mariia Kunikina
Frontend Engineer
Alexey Aschaulov
Frontend Engineer
Eugene Mukomel
Backend Engineer
Marina Zhelo
Backend Engineer
Viktoriia Sbrodova
Backend Engineer
Maxim Shulyak
Backend Engineer
Sergey Belyakov
Product Tester
Dariia Vlasenko
Product Tester
Olesia Danylova
Product Tester
Julia Angurets
Boris Belyaev

Meet our board members and advisors

Board member
Gabriella Sinicco
David Moginier
Romano Caviezel
Christian Möller
Board member
Davide Verda
Board member
Jean-Marc Hensch
Board member
Celestino Aznar

See yourself here?

Even when we’re not actively hiring we’re always interested to hear from talented individuals. Feel free to reach out at staff@smeetz.com

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Our story

Our mission

What’s better than sharing great moments together? Smeetz’s name originates from “Let’s meet” and remains at the heart of our core-values. In the future, we will continuously work on bringing people closer together.

We strongly believe that the time of selling simple tickets is gone. We want to offer end-to-end experiences that provide far more than just an entrance. For this reason, we will continue to work hard to build new features to reinforce your possibilities straight from our platform.

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” - Stephen Hawking. We’re at the beginning of our journey, but we envision a bright future ahead.

"We dream of a world where people can reconnect in real life, with laughter and true adventures"

Alexandre Martin, CEO & Co-Founder of Smeetz

We believe in creating experiences for our customers and our team.

Take part in this adventure and help us grow our community to reach its full potential.

Alexandre Martin
founder of Smeetz

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