Flexible ticketing

Diversify your sales strategy and capture additional revenue by offering special deals, packages, digital memberships, merchandising and more.

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Sell everything online

Increase your revenue by offering more than tickets to your customers - upsell, cross-sell, etc.


Create incentives

Propose special deals, discounts and limited offers to increase your customers' average purchase value.


Select your ticketing features

Choose all the ticketing features you need depending on your business type and customer needs.

Sell more than just tickets

Increase your customers' average basket size through cross-selling. By combining your products online, you will quickly gather valuable insights on customer purchases and admission data.

Cashless credits

Offer cashless credits to your customers at a discounted price and start generating food and beverage revenue ahead of time.

Digital memberships

Save time with our entirely digital sign-up process and grow your community of members with special offers and flexible payment plans.


Recommend and cross-sell tickets and merchandise straight from your booking flow.

Promote special offers

Boost your sales and reinforce your marketing strategies with vouchers, product bundles and promo codes.

Vouchers and gift cards

Specify a validity period and collect your revenue instantly, while allowing your customers to redeem their products at a later date.

Bundles and packages

Offer unique experiences in collaboration with partners or ensure the sale of less popular products by pairing them with top sellers.

Promo codes

Easily generate as many promo codes as you need to offer discounts, celebrate special occasions or reward loyal behaviour.

All the ticketing flexibility you need

Our innovative, flexible and complete ticketing solution will help you respond to your business needs.

Manage seating plans online

Offer a premium booking experience with the latest technology in seating plans. Allow customers to choose between different categories and see their seat placement in real-time.

Easily create, personalise and update multiple seating plan designs to fit your venue requirements.

Offer flexible payment terms

Select the payment term that best suits your product to increase your conversion rate and reduce abandoned carts by encouraging customers to book activities that could be affected by factors like weather conditions or minimum required number of participants.

Direct booking

Payment occurs at the end of the booking flow and the customers is charged directly.


Accept or decline incoming bookings depending on your availabilities.

Book Now - Pay Later

Allow customers to book now, but only be charged at a defined period before the activity.

Pay after the event

Allow customers to book now, but only be charged at a defined period after the activity.

Cancellations and refunds

All bookings, cancellations and refunds are managed automatically from our system. Refunds are directly credited on your customers payment method.

Custom fields

Implement custom forms into the booking process to ask about food allergies or sizing details to prepare mandatory equipment in advance.


You can set up your tickets in multiple languages. So far, we have French, English and German, but more language will come soon.


Customise your ticket and email confirmation design by setting up your colours and logo.

Ticket types

Set up tickets for one-time events, recurring activities, multi-entry, etc.

Calendar integration

Synchronise your Google calendar with Smeetz and retrieve all your bookings directly in your calendar.

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