Data analytics and forecasts

Our powerful analytics tools turn valuable insights into winning strategies that help you develop your business.

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All your data in one place

Find reports, data analytics and live updates of your sales, products and customers in one place.


Track results in real time

Monitor trends, track performance, anticipate attendance and forecast sales to turn data into valuable insights.


Act on insights

Stop guessing and start acting on data-driven insights to better allocate your staff, resources and budgets.

Base your decisions on stats, not guesswork

We make it easy for you to keep track of your sales, without having to collect data manually or make rough predictions ever again.

Track your stats in real-time

Keep an eye on your sales and get an overview of available, pending and sold tickets to understand how your products are performing.

Spot at a glance your best performing products and monitor your revenue steam in real-time.

Better understand your audience

Gain insights from your customer analytics and learn more about your customers behaviour patterns and monetisation potential.

Data collected at an individual level is crucial in generating successful marketing campaigns.

"We provide you with the tools you need to better understand your audience and act on it"

Morgan Sifferts, CTO of Smeetz

Turn company data into valuable insights

With access to a large set of live analytics, you will be able to quickly identify what strategies work best and make data-driven decisions about where to invest your marketing and sales budgets.

Monitor your sales at a glance

Monitor your key performance indicators in real time with an overview of all the variables that impact your sales. Drill down on specific products or product categories to understand their unique characteristics.

Measure your marketing performance

Track, measure and evaluate your marketing campaigns to identify your best performing ones. Find out the sales value that originated from each campaign and the total ROI (cost vs. revenue).

Measure the success of your email campaigns by tracking open and click-through rates.

Monitor your sales channels

Keep track of your sales performance by product across all distribution channels - your website, OTAs, partners, on-site, etc.

Find out exactly how much sales each channel brings and track how well your partners are performing to reward them for their marketing efforts.

Track website metrics

Keep track of metrics such as website visits, abandoned carts and conversion rates to better understand your customers.

Our built-in integration with Google Analytics lets you analyse in depth traffic and visitor behaviour on your booking widget.

Contact our team of experts to design custom dashboards

Brainstorm together with our data specialists to incorporate the metrics that matter the most to your business.