Smart pricing

Optimise your ticket prices with smart pricing strategies to increase your sales by 15%, secure early bookings and offer last minute deals to your customers.

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Predict your demand

Identify the factors that impact your business and start forecasting your expected demand.


Find your optimal pricing

Run scenarios and choose the pricing strategy that best fits your business needs.


Grow your ticket sales

Increase your sales and attendance rates compared to your past fixed pricing, without effort.

Let's find your optimal pricing together

We will help you set up personalised dynamic pricing strategies based on demand predictions that will adjust your ticket prices in real-time. You will no longer have to choose between cheap tickets for attracting more visitors and expensive ones for increasing revenue.

Develop custom pricing strategies

Implement smart pricing strategies to counter any external factors that may affect your demand, such as weather forecasts, time of day, date and more.

With the help of our experts, identify your personal set of factors that will trigger the algorithm and watch your ticket prices adjust in real-time for optimal results.

Run scenarios to forecast additional revenue

Take a step into the future with the help of our sales forecasting tool powered by artificial intelligence.

Observe the forecasted additional revenue generated by your smart pricing strategies and test out different price factor combinations to find the optimal strategy for your aspirations.

"Potential outcomes of smart pricing can include a shift in demand to off-peak times, increased revenue on peak-days, secured early bookings, last-minute deals, more online bookings, etc."

Matthias Leroy, Data Analyst at Smeetz

Watch your revenue grow

Your smart pricing strategies become smarter day after day with artificial intelligence. Our tool is designed to learn from past outcomes to produce the best returns for your business.

Smart pricing will help you maximise your ticket sales and increase your revenue. Over time, you can expect an increase in revenue of 15-20% and a 10% boost in attendance rates.

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Learn more about smart pricing in the leisure and event industry. Discover the 5 benefits of using this pricing method for organisers.

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Develop your communication strategy with our consultants

When taking your business to the next step with smart pricing, it is essential to follow-up with careful customer communication and transparency. Our team of experts can help you put the right communication strategy in place.

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Trust AI, but never loose control over your prices

Our algorithm will always follow your guidelines, so you will stay in control of your pricing strategy. You can adapt your parameters at any time to best fit your business needs and customer expectations.

Set your own boundaries

Define your custom price range by setting a minimum and maximum price that our algorithm will never cross.

Keep your prices under control

Monitor the prices currently displayed and keep track of your pricing trends over selected time periods.

Modify prices manually

Override your automated pricing strategies at any time by manually inserting the pricing of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does smart pricing work?

The prices are calculated continuously by the dynamic pricing system according to factors such as demand, weather and sales forecast. Thus, when there is little demand for a product at a certain date, the prices for that product will be very advantageous. The more a product is in high demand, the closer its price will get to a set maximum price. The organiser can set a minimum and maximum price in advance.

Will the prices be higher?

The choice is completely left to the organisers. One option is to let the prices gradually evolve from a minimum price to a set maximum price. Another option is to let the model adjust around the current price level and offer reduced prices during periods of low demand, and higher prices for days with high demand. Only the organisers can choose whether the prices only go up, or go up and down.

What is the maximum price?

The maximum price is set by the organiser for each product. Setting a maximum price avoids excessively large increases of the price in times of high demand and ensures that the activity remains affordable at any time.

What are the advantages of smart pricing for the organisers?

  • The use of dynamic pricing allows to better distribute the attendees over time. Thanks to attractive prices, customers are encouraged to participate in the activity during periods of low attendance.
  • Additionally, dynamic prices increase ticket revenues on peak-days because prices automatically get higher.
  • Lower prices to start with encourage users to book their tickets in advance, consequently, securing early bookings.

What are the advantages of smart pricing for the final customers?

  • Users are rewarded with the best rates when they choose to book their tickets in advance.
  • Users can now get last-minute deals for your products if your remaining stock is too high just before your event.

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